At Phoenix Technology Partners, we have built our mission on a platform of business ethics, transparency and value from more than 50 years of business knowledge accumulated by our partners and associates.  Our processes are defined by the level of unique business requirements that are specific to each of our clients.  PTP has proven that its mission is a sustainable and rewarding value proposition to both clients and employees.

The Phoenix Technology Partners vision is based on our understanding of our clients’ needs:  doing more with less, responding quickly and appropriately to the demands of their markets and customers, and obtaining increased strategic advantage from their technology investments and partners.

To meet these needs, we have developed a culture that works closely with our clients to create and deliver essential value any time PTP is engaged.  Whether that engagement is a request for staff augmentation or an application development project, our iterative approach to all of our engagements closely follows an Agile or Rapid Applications Development Model.  We bring extensive business and technical foresight, knowledge, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach that delivers real impact.

We believe in teamwork and collaboration with both our employees and clients.  At PTP, we share a structured problem-solving approach that considers, researches, and carefully analyzes all opinions and alternatives before recommendations are presented.

Very few of our competitors can equal the level of certainty that our services provide.  Our clients continually experience their requirements being fully met, on time, within budget, at high quality with greater efficiency and responsiveness to their business needs.  This statement holds true whether we are providing that unique resource to complement your existing team or managing an off-shore applications development project.

Our reputation is built on ensuring the success of client project outcomes.