• Contingency Placement


    Temporary and contract employment can serve as a bridge to full-time employment. Phoenix Technology Partners is your strategic partner, providing IT professionals with the skills and experience to fit your existing IT staff. Right to Hire (RTH) contractual arrangements with our clients have been an area of specialization for many years.

    PTP has provided RTH staffing solutions, allowing clients the opportunity to "try before they buy,” to evaluate if the candidate has the correct skills, experience and personality to fit their business needs.

    With PTP, you have a partner who understands and actively works with the staffing solutions that will shape the success of your business. We understand information technology organizations because our partners and staff have come from or serviced the IT industry for more than 20 years.

    We have access to our network of talented and innovative IT professionals who are available to meet your organizational needs. Our process includes research, a technical as well as a personality assessment, that allows us to screen and find the right candidate based on your requirements.

    Advantages of Utilizing PTP to Hire IT Staffing

    • Work with PTP to develop timetables to recruit professionals to meet your staffing goals and focus your planning efforts
    • Create flexibility
    • Determine capability / compatibility
    • Expand your business / department



    Throughout our years of providing contingency placement services to our clients, PTP has built a reputation for finding high-quality technical, managerial and tactical resources. Our clients know that if they have an urgent resource need, PTP will deliver.

    As our reputation has grown, so has our clients’ faith in us to assist them with filling full time positions within their organizations. We work with our clients to define their needs, being sensitive to their specific organizational framework when selecting a compatible staff member to recommend.

    Advantages of Utilizing PTP for Contingency Placements

    • No up-front fees for services
    • Dedicated recruitment resources
    • Skilled assessment of candidates
    • Quick turnaround
    • Pre-screened candidates
    • TIME SAVED!!!!